March 9, 2011

Kill Someone You Hate

It's so weird how the blood turns from oil slick slippery to tacky sticky and to finally just a big dried mess. And of course, it stains everything. You can wash and wash and wash, but it's better to just bleach the floors and walls and burn everything else. Old Willie The Bard had it right with Lady MacBeth. What a mess. I should have planned better. And, the taste is so thin. And salty. It's not sustaining at all. I have no idea how those wanna-be "vampires' are spozed to get their fill from it either.

The body itself wasn't a problem. One of the benefits of living near a large body of water. The key is to remember to puncture the lungs and chest cavity repeatedly. Otherwise, the body will float back to the surface. And of course, removing the hands and teeth. Those go somewhere else. Scattered like dust.

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Jon said...

Now you fuckin' tell me.