March 20, 2011

What Are We Fighting For??????

Yes, Qaddafi is a madman. Yes, the world would be better without him.

And YES, he has been a trusted business partner of the USA for many many years!!!!!

Why are we sending missiles in? For the U.N.?????? For "peace"?????? Have we learned NOTHING about intervention??????

Let the shitstorm settle WITHOUT us!!!!!!!!!!

President Obama (I know you are a loyal reader here)... you are supposed to be one of the "good guys" -



Jon said...

The parallels with Iraq are creeping me out.

Andy D said...

As Google News recently told me, the military-industrial complex wants to spend the GDP of Australia for a bunch of Lockheed aircraft.

Those things cost 90 million apiece. Nobody's gonna sign off on that much green unless we've got four or five enemies lined up to use them on.

It's not like you can find any other useful things to so with 382 billion. We don't make anything anymore. We were going to become strictly a service economy but found it was cheaper to outsource all of that to India. All we have left is the military to churn the monetary system. Then there's all the money to be made on Wall Street by speculating on emerging markets and commodities futures.

Nazz Nomad said...

andy- interesting stuff- thanks

jon- i see this more as viet nam- ading the rebels - can't wait until we start sending in "military advisors"