November 7, 2011

Woo Woo Woo (You Know It)

Nazz Jr is big time into Professional Wrestling (WWE for the most part). Being that he's 13, I am OK with that. What scares me is the amount of adults that take the shit seriously. Especially with regard to action figures. Nazz Jr shows me these websites that have fans putting thousands of dollars into collecting figures (and even doing movies with the figures).

Being a worldly kid, Nazz Jr has long known about the "scripted" nature (in other words...IT'S FAKE!!!) of wrestling and can laugh along with the storylines. He likes the guys that can both wrestle AND do promo's (ie talk) for the most part: CM Punk, Cody Rhodes (the new Dr. Doom version), Booker T and for nostalgia's sake, the ancient Rick Flair. He eschews the "conventional" ie John Cena and Alberto Del Rio (the latest manufactured "superstar".)

CM Punk (yeah- he's really into Punk and being straight edge) has been the most interesting character lately. He's been doing a shtick with a focus on calling out the bullshit around him (they call it the "reality era"), but it's now becoming the conspiracy era, with corporate shenanigans getting alot of play; and after a couple of months in the spotlite, his star is fading again.

But the guy we both really dig is Zack Ryder. Aside from being from our hometown, he's a total underground goofball (his character is sorta vacant brained Long Island trash). He's also propelled himself into the spotlite by naming himself "Internet Champion". By judicious use of great videos, Ryder has propelled the WWE into the social media age and become the "peoples champion".

Every Monday nite we're watching RAW on the tube...Once again, it's spending time with your kids that's the best thing of all. 

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