March 15, 2012

Le Tigre

Le Tigre have a new live cd out. It's Available here. While the concept of a live cd for a band that relied so much on pre-recorded samples is a bit contradictory, it’s still highly enjoyable as Kathleen Hannah’s vox are entirely energetic and you can get a feel for the audience’s enthusiasm as well. 

As much as a faux disco/new wave band as they were, I still think they were pretty fucking punk rock. Certainly Hannah’s riot grrl roots in Bikini Kill transfer nicely to Le Tigre,  and Le Tigre’s feminist lyrics are definitely agit-prop (combining with the danceable “agit-pop” sounds). 

And despite a definitive man-hater’s vibe, her vocals are soooo hot and give me strange stirrings in my nether regions. The blonde chick (howz THAT for sexism!)  is hot too. The one that dresses like a guy and has a fake ‘stache? Not so much. But your mileage may vary.

Certainly a fun listen, I’m sorry I whiffed on my opportunities to see them – that whole synth drum beat kinda left me cold when they were an active band.

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