March 23, 2012

Raisin' Hell

Yes, Run-DMC were actually my homeboys. Grew up in the same town (well- 4 miles away) and hung in the same places. Vin and I dressed up as Run and Darryl Mac in black-face, hats and chains back in some mid-80's Halloween nite and going to the "milk farm" down the street on Hillside Avenue to cop some beers and a couple of nickle bags. Got a lot of stares from the Rasta's, but they weren't that pissed that they didn't still complete the sale. Memories of Orthodox Jewish kids head spinnin' to Rock Box with their Yarmulke's on. Fuckin' old school. We were down with D.

 It was like that- that's the way it was.

RIP Jam Master Jay

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