February 28, 2013

Bob Mould- NYC- 2/27/2013

Ah, what could be nicer than to see bouncin' Bobby Mould- all happy, hale and hearty 31 years after I first saw him with Husker Du.

I wuz at the 2nd of the 2 nite stand at The Bowery Ballroom to see Mr. Sunshine. In the last coupl'a years, he's released a fine auto-bio, recorded his best lp since Workbook and apparently shed alot of self-hatred.

It was extremely easy to slice through the crowd in about 30 seconds and plant ourselves right by Bob, even though the guitar monitor was about 12 inches from me. Shit, I'm half deaf already, so a little more tinnitus for the cause of the rawk en rowl is a small price to pay.

So, into the fray Mr. Mouldy, Jason Narducy (bass) and Jon Wurster (drumz) stepped. Leading off with a buncha songs from Sugar (though, not the full elpee Copper Blue set from last year), Bobby-kins was shredding on his blue Strat. I gotta admit- I miss the old Flying V gee-tar, but hey, everyone's entitled to a little change I spoze.

After about 7 songs, Bob sez he's gonna play some of the new Silver Age album. I absolutely love this record and was a little sad he didn't play the title track. But toonage such as "The Descent", "Star Machine" and Steam Of Hercules" were just ducky.

One thing- In "The Descent" he sings"
"I didn't want to play the song/that gave people so much hope"...
 umm... what song was that Bob? Hope?????
Hey Bob Hope! I gotta million of 'em!

And then... time for the "oldies portion (aka HUSKER MOTHERFUCKING DU).
"Flip Your Wig"
"Divide & Conquer"
"Hate Paper Doll"
I believe that this is the first tour that Mould has played these songs on since Hu-Du broke up.
Fred Armison from Saturday Nite Live came out to do backing vox and rhythm guitar for the first three songs. Don't mock him... Freddy got street cred- he used to drum for alt-rawk band Trenchmouth back in the 80's. He was clearly thrilled to be playing up there- if a bit nervous looking. It's one thing to act in front of millions on TV- it's another thing to avoid fucking up on a Husker song!!!!!

Then- even more Husker Du!- "Something I Learned Today", "Chartered Trips", "In A Free Land".
I saw "Real World" and "New Day Rising" on the setlist, but I think they ran out of time and they didn't play 'em.

Well, anyway-- an ass kicking show- While I really enjoy sad mopey Bob ("Hardly Getting Over It", "Too Far Down", etc)- it's great to see him with so much energy and verve.

And here's the video of the year!~!!!!!!!
Gatorade should make a Bloody Mary flavor- I'd buy it!

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