July 15, 2013

Little Douche Coupe

So… with Princess Nomad needing transportation for college (and guilting me that I owe a car because she got pretty much a free ride with scholarships), I am in the market for the first time in a while. All I want is a dependable car- no leather, sun roof or any bells and whistles (though a horn would be nice).

The usual options apply:

1) Used car- caveat of course is that the car turns to shit in a couple of years and I have to start the process again. Benefit is price, baby, price.

2) Used “certified” car- caveat is that the pricing for this option is almost as high as a new car, and you don’t get the same warranty.

3) New Car – of course the price is heinous- but, as long as I don’t have any business disasters, I can do this.

The Princess would get my 2009 Honda Accord- an awesome set of wheels that I would be more than happy keeping, if I could find a dependable and decent used car. She is NOT getting a new car! Otherwise, King Nazz gets the new car and she’ll get the Accord. Missus Nomad is keeping her 06 Camry.

It’s been fun dealing with car dealers. I will not say the oft heard statement that car dealers are scum. As I am in sales, I know how tough selling is.
However, it is interesting to see how their sales styles differ.

I have been attempting to do this via the internet with a simple statement:

I am looking for (insert name of car with package and color), I would appreciate you sending me your best offer and PUT IT IN WRITING VIA THIS EMAIL. I have neither the time or inclination to speak to you in person unless you can send me this information.

I have on occasion given my cell phone number, but that always ends up with something like:

"Hi Buddy, this is so and so from douchebag auto sales. I can’t give you a number over the phone or via email, but if you come down to the lot, we’ll guarantee the lowest price."

Needless to say, those calls are hung up on or ignored very quickly.

The guy who I am going to use eventually is the guy as it turns out is in my neighborhood (providing he can match lowest price). He’s been low-key, very patient on test drives, and informative.

But… it is fun being the buyer and not the seller again!


Justin said...

Where's the Nomadinator?

drjohnny said...

Yeah I was wondering the same thing... Missing those dispatches from the trench dude! Hope all is ok in your world Nazz

Unknown said...
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