July 1, 2013

Courtney Love- 6/29/13 - Huntington, NY

Saw Mizz Cawt-Knee Luhv Sat nite in the wasteland that is Lawn Guyland. The missus and I had a grand time (the missus more than I- not that I didn’t have a gas too). I don't know which of us wanted to bang Courtney more, actually!
The widow Cobain is Miz Nomad’s fave- and mi' wifey brought it all the way back to her old punk rawk days- tequila and beers in mas quantities (granted, the beer was Miller Lite- but the Cuervo made up for it). I stuck to IPA’s and Guinness- and something called a Dr Pepper- which was beer with a shot glass in the middle that had raspberry likker and rum. Not my fault- the friendly bartender poured it gratis for yers truly.

The goniffs inside the venue were charging $8 for a 16 ounce and $12 for a big‘un (24 ouncer) of what the kids call “craft beer”…Guess which one I kept investing in.

Well, Court-Court did not disappoint- she looked great from about 15 feet away and was pos-it-iv-lee lucid for the show. Her non-Hole sidemen were efficient; if totally devoid of stage presence... the better for Missy Lovey to radiate to her acolytes- the crowd had four distinct segments- Courtney-ettes of every female demographic, gay guys, dudes who had no clue but were escorting their dates, and me and a few other all-Merican guyz who had been thru the punk wars. I was sportin' my LAMF shirt- in honor of a certain chanteuse's track-marked past.

Caw-Caw came out in a nice black dress, took it off for a tighter outfit and later changed into an all white rig. Not as many clothes changes as Cher, but effective nonetheless. She had a Red Rickenbacker that prob cost more than my car- and she even played it a little- yeah- that barre chord where your pointer just slides uppp and dowwwnnn the neck.  I also spent a bit of the show grousing that I should be playing bass – as my old band used to kill it on “Celebrity Skin”. She played everything that you'd expect her to from the "Live Through This" and "Cel Skin" elpees, plus some of the "America's Sweetheart" stuff too. Only cover toon was the 'Stones' "Under My Thumb".

Afterwards, Ms. Nomad demanded to wait by the stage door with some other Love-ettes  for a glimpse of Ms. Doll Parts. I told her to come back with me and we’d scam to backstage. As usual, my statement was met with derision. So I went back in and got close (ie the same room) but no cigar to actual meet and great.
However, I did pluck this lovely tusk/phallic symbol from the dressing room area. It looks great in my living room.

Really a fucking fantastic show, and much better than the last show I didn’t get to see because I was in jail!

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