June 28, 2013

Chicks Rule!

Chicks Rule

Been digging the shit out of a couple of all gal bands as of late.

Heliotropes are NY based and have sort of a 60’s Pink Floydy vibe. Not really the Syd-Floyd era, more of the “Meddle” era Floyd. They've got buzzy guitars and also a sound that reminds me of early Smashing Pumpkins (in a good way).  The songs are well thought out and somewhat complex. They take their time to develop and have a sinewy bottom end. Yum… “sinewy bottom ends”!!!!!  They got a serious edge to them. Check out “The Dove” and “Psalms”. Good acid music!!!!

Savages are from across the pond and make dark, bass heavy post punk that reminds me of early 80’s bands like Au Pairs, Siouxie & The Banshees, and Delta Five. Throw in a little bit of the echoey production of the Factory Records bands and wrap it all up with some extra drama.  Not quite as dancey as the bands of that era, but very enjoyable and “different” than 99% of the shit that passes off as New Wave these days. Yeah, I said it. New Wave. Check out the songs “Shut Up” and “Husbands”. Good ‘lude music!

And… I am going to see Ms. Courtney Love tomorrow night. Hopefully, I won’t spend THIS show in the inside of a NYC jail cell as I did the last time she played these environs!!!!!!

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