June 20, 2016

And I'll Stick It Deep Inside

I am playing as part of a "Tribute To Iggy & The Stooges" show in Brooklyn on July 2. My main challenge is how to re-work the three sawngs we're gonna do so that Mr. Crappy Bass Player (yours truly) can sing and play at the same time...plus make the sawngs interesting and not slavishly devoted to the originals. So for "Loose", imma gonna dumb the bass line during the verses waaaaaay down. For "1970" instead of a sax player, we've got a trumpet player who'll do his best to destroy everyone's minds. And for "I Got A Right"... we shall see.

I can't say that this even has reborn my addiction to Iggy and co... as my addiction never left. But it's always interesting to listen to the classics with a different ear...that being to dissect the songs with the intent of playing them.

Easy enough to feature the originals here, but instead...some variations on a theme.


jonder said...

Oh man, I would love to hear you guys. Speaking of listening to the Stooges' classics with a different ear, I made two Funhouse cover albums last year that you might like...


I took the liberty of adding Bleedin' Out to the links while I am house sitting over at that blog. The owner is going through some of the "interpersonal drama" that kept you away for awhile. Maybe I will raid the fridge and throw a kegger while I'm there. Your band can come over and play until the neighbors call the cops.

Anonymous said...

hey man, i'll download em. I'm waiting for the video from our show last week...maybe I'll post it if it's not too embarrassing... nazz nomad

djfaust said...

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