June 10, 2016

The Boy Who Flew Too Close To The Sun

A very brief recap of the past three or so missing years:

rock n roll lifestyle >lotsa fun > interpersonal drama > more drama and fucking up  > success in business > lotsa fun and more fucking up > complications > reconciliation > diabetes diagnosis > oops, almost died > no more rock n roll lifestyle > health health health > family family family > GOT A DOGGIE !!!!!! > finally got my shit together (for the most part) > and here we are.

Here in Noo Yawk... lotsa shit going on this weekend... Punk Rock Bowling in NJ (Descendents/Dag Nasty/Flag, etc)- I wuz goin', but now I'm not. The old "white and lazy" thang has struck again. There's also this thing called the Northside Festival- a whole lotta shows in Satan's Asshole. I think the shows this old guy is gonna check out are Grandmaster Flash, King Khan & The Shrines and maybe Brian Wilson (tho I doubt that I will get to that one- just too sad).

Oh, and the Anti Nowhere League are playing Pussyville. I saw them "back in the day" and the NYHC crowd scared the shit out of those Poseurs. I remember everyone flipping them the bird and "Animal", the lead "singer" was crapping his pants. What a buncha wankers.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Animal is Canadian, therefore, in all likelihood, a polite, civil Beast.

Unknown said...

Is being a jerk tellin d'Truth, boy??

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