December 20, 2007

Satan and/or Santa Loves You

My best wishes to you all as you ejaculate your money in an orgy of consumption. Here's my gift to you...


South Park - The Lonely Jew On Christmas
Showcase Showdown - Merry Christmas, I Fucked Your Snowman
The Vandals -My First X-Mas (As A Woman)
Basement Five - Last White Christmas
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - I'm Getting Pissed For Christmas
The Clap - Christmas In A Bodybag
The Kinks - Father Christmas
Fear - Fuck Christmas
The Sonics - Don't Believe In Christmas
Crucial Youth - Christmas Time For The Skins
Ramones - Merry Christmas, I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight
The Who - Christmas (Demo)
The Vandals - Grandpa's Last Christmas

Download it all by clicking here!


Anonymous said...

Bleeding out rocks. I have been downloading from you for months and finally have to say thank you thank you thank you for sharing your supreme musical taste...

Anonymous said...

Whoever invented xmyth needs something up their arse...

This mix of yours just about covers my feelings exactly. :-)

Thanks, I'm gonna play this for my neighbours!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing "Fuck Christmas" by FEAR. I lost my CD and needed that song for a mix. It begins with Manowar singing "Silent Night" and will probably conclude with this song. Thanks for helping make our mix CD party fun!

aikin said...

"Merry Christmas - I Fucked Your Snowman"


that's priceless!

Anonymous said...


Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays - Whatever. New Year, let's hang out.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant fucking mix.Father christmas is my favorite xmas song and I have Christmas in a bodybag by the clap either on 7" or cassette lp. I got it off the lads when they were later known as Funeral in the Rotunda.They've a suberb scuzzed out dumb as fuck sound all of their own and I wanna say thanks for posting this to remind me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Long Island heroes the Clap.Deadly

Highlander said...

"...ejaculate your money in an orgy of consumption..." I am still trying to figure out how I can crowbar this phrase into all my Christmas cards - maybe a little late now.

Anonymous said...

Merry belated Xmas and thanks for all the music. Here's more proof on your Satan/Santa theory.