March 11, 2008


In counterbalance to my last post; today I sat on a panel of industry leaders (I was the joker in the deck) at a conference and spoke of my business.

Here's some advice: It's probably not a good idea to use the term "corporate overlord" when speaking to a group of, well, corporate overlords.

All of my observations last week about being Mr. Executive Douchebag were blown out today I was exposed as a little twerp. I am pretty sure that the guy sitting next to me was wearing a suit that cost more than my car did. These guys were movers and shakers, and I was pretty much shaking the whole time.

It was an extremely long 90 minutes; and I noticed in the Q & A that no one was askin' me anything! Or coming up to me afterward. The moderater thanked me and told me I did a fine job. Yeah. Sure. At least I was more comfortable than this guy. Or this guy for that matter.

Musical offerings today are the last five songs that were on my MP3 player as I journeyed to the forum. My saving grace is that I am very confident that none of these songs are owned by my fellow panelists and I doubt they've ever even heard of the bands.

Fuck it. At least i got my punk rock.



Rinjo Njori said...

Dead Milkmen... These guys have been coming up constantly the last couple of days.

And that Dwyer video... that stuffs freaks me out.

f3rd said...

Thanks for the great collection of tunage. Nice fuckin' read too.

Highlander said...

What are "movers and shakers"? Is it some new religious sect I am unaware of...