July 30, 2008

Shipping Off To Boston

The Nomad clan are up in Boston checking out the sites and catching a Red Sox game. Nazz junior took the punk rock aesthetic to heart and long ago chose the Sawx as his favorite team. This of course was driven by the frontrunning a pre-teen (circa the dreaded year of 2004) will do as well as his opportunity to f#ck with Dad, as I root for the Noo Yawk Mets and Yankees (yeah, I'm bi-teamal).
But that's cool. As Bobby D sang "Your Sons and Your daughters are beyond your command". Hey, Nazz Junior... reject all that is good and pure and go to the dark side by casting aside your parent's values, and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Hey, at least Fenway is a cool stadium... not as cool as Wrigley Field, but pretty cool nonetheless. They got a kick ass brew pub with-in staggering distance of the Park, so I'm set.
I am leaving all my Yankee shwag at home; as I promised Mrs. Nomad that there will be no fisticuffs. Oops, better leave my Giants stuff home too! Methinks I'll be dropping a nice amount at the Fenway souvenir stands and Filene's Basement for junior and the princess however!
Hey Red Sox fans- remember this?

And mmm... Harpoon and Sammy A's!

But I love Boston for one reason:
Has there ever been a more unlikely proto-punk? The guy is some sort of prepped out mutant and he comes up with Roadrunner? I'm Straight?? She Cracked??? Astral Plane???? Pablo Picasso (was never called an asshole)?????

Yeah, Boston's got Aerosmith, J Geils, the Dropkick Murphys and all those silly straight edge bands from my youth (This is Boston Not L.A. still makes me giggle).

But what do you say Modern Lovers????? RADIO ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - She Cracked
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Pablo Picasso (was never called an asshole)
Jonathan Richman - Stop Your Sobbing


Anonymous said...

Richman's an odd duck, and possibly a savant of some kind. His band might deserve a bunch of credit for how the songs came out. I always thought his mind worked like Tiny Tim's somehow. Don't ask me to explain that. The Bowie cover of "Pablo Picasso" is a nice re-working. That's all I got.


Zoooma said...

A Noo Yawker choosing Bahstin as his favorite team? Oi. Teach him to expect a beating someday... but hopefully he'll learn loyalty before then.

Hey, didjya know Fenway opened shortly after the Titanic sank? Fun fact, huh!

And what a sweet video of Game 6!!! Major League Baseball is just so generous, aren't they?! (Not allowing MLB stuff on YourTube... what dooshbags!!)

gomonkeygo said...

I can say "Jonathan Richman"! And I can say "Cubs Rule!!!!"

Zoooma said...

Cubs last won the World Series in 1908. This year marks 100 years since then (if you're not good with math.)

Major League Baseball has already decided that the Cubs will be the 2008 World Series Champs. Doesn't it make perfect sense -- every 100 years for the Cubs and leave it at that.

Because of this whole conspiracy set up by MLB, the entire baseball season, except for the Cubs and Cubbie fans, means nothing.

Everyone's getting ripped off.

I guess for Mets fans this is okay considering Aaron Heilman is still on the team, a dooshbag of a "relief" pitcher who can't go a week without blowing a win for the team, or coming way too close for comfort.