November 13, 2008

And A Storm Is Threatenin'

One of the advantages AND disadvantages of being Management is that you find out the magnitude and date of when the bomb is going to be dropped. While the names of most of the soon to be extinguished may not be divulged, the knowledge of what's soon to come makes one crawl into that bottle of whiskey without much haste.

My industry is in dire straits currently (and NO, I am not in the stock market). Serious cuts will have to be made for us to survive.

Everyday brings more horrible news about companies cutting hundreds and sometimes even thousands of jobs. The most current news is that 1.2 MILLION Americans have lost their jobs in this latest (don't call it a) depression. 240,000 lost their jobs last month! And 300,000 more are projected to lose their jobs in November.

Anybody wanna buy an apple?


Big Star - Holocaust (demo)

Minutemen - This Ain't No Picnic

Soul Asylum - Never Really Been

The Jam - Smithers-Jones (non lp version)

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Let's Make The Water Turn Black

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Rinjo Njori! said...

Smithers Jones will be the first song I play when (and if) I get fired.

infinite fool said...

I work at a community college. You can always tell the economy's in trouble when our enrollment increases. Business is currently booming!

The saddest part is watching people who are teaching because they were downsized from some industry. They sit there teaching the kids that they know will take their old jobs at half the pay when things eventually get better.

Uncle E said...

I'm in the newspaper biz, and we're seeing this in a HUGE way. The eve of destruction, as the song goes...

ib said...

Hard times are on us, harder times are coming.

After the euphoria of change, the minutiae of inherited deficit creeps in under the covers of a hangover.

manicgirl said...

I cringe every time I hear the latest job losses. It is a friggin' depression and can only get worse. I, like you, get to keep my job, but others whom I like will lose theirs and it's not a good feeling.

aikin said...

Sorry to hear about ANY sort of job cuts.
Fortunately for my well-being, people will continue to drive like idiots and talk on their cell phones while they do it.