November 17, 2008

Weird S.I.N.s Inside The Graveyard

"It's not the years honey, it's the mileage"
...Indiana Jones

For reasons that I will divulge soon, gentle reader, I made contact with an old friend last week.

I haven't talked to the guy since my wedding day; a score ago. But catching up, he's got a helluva book to write. It's funny what bits we had heard of each other over the last couple of decades, funnier that it's all the kind of stuff that would generally be dismissed as bizarre rumors, and yet in both of our cases, the information was true!

Unbelievably, the people he asked about on my side are all deceased, as are counterparts on his side. Suicide, jail and divorce abound as well. We're not old men either, I don't think either one of us is on the back nine of life expectancy.

I don't want this to sound like whistlin' past the graveyard, but the pressing thought I conveyed was how lucky the both of us are to still be walkin' this mortal coil. There but for the grace of the Grim Reaper (or the police) coulda been either one of us.

Growing up as an oblivious punk jerk-off, I always thought that the danger we put ourselves in wasn't as life threatin' as it really was. After all, we were immortal. Those that fell by the wayside were just unlucky, right? But looking back on the drunken driving, the chemical and agricultural products, the violence and the irresponsibility of the situations we placed ourselves in; well, it makes we shudder.

How I am able to communicate this to Nazz Jr. and Princess Nomad remains to be seen.

But, as we are still not A Diet For The Worms ... All the more reason to rock the fuck out whenever possible, I 'spose!

A Few Seconds Of Panic - Stefan Fatsis


The Mob - 101
Social Distortion - Another State Of Mind
Gram Parsons - In My Hour Of Darkness
The Soft Boys - Only The Stones Remain
Exene Cervenka and Henry Rollins - Wasted (Black Flag cover)
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manicgirl said...

The loss of friends to death is particularly hard. I lost a friend who didn't take his blood pressure meds and he had a stroke. He was only 50!

You'd have loved him. He loved music of all sorts and was a fan of the Clash. He used to tease me that he saw The Clash at Bonds.

He would have loved Punk Metal Karaoke.