November 6, 2008

A Caterwaul, Indeed

We came, we played, we kicked ass.

Caterwaul Of Sound played in hipster Williamsburg in Brooklyn USA Wednesday nite.
Our first show. In fact, the first show ever performed by our rhythm guitar player and our singer! As reported before, we were on a bill with a bunch of metal and goth type bands. We, of course, are neither.

But, dare I say we acquitted ourselves nicely. There may have never been a band anywhere that had as much fun playing as we did on Wednesday nite.

People even came to me after the show and told us we were really good! And they weren't even our friends! In fact, our friends even said we were good (and our friends would've definitely told us if we sucked!). And, we had the biggest crowd. It was sorta like a reunion of sorts for a bunch of us folks who have drifted apart. So it was nice to get everyone together again.
Lots of photos taken and a pro (2 camera video) with sound from the board is being mixed and will be ready next week. Maybe I'll even post some up!

There were some very strange "surgically enhanced" gals walking around in bustiers and whatnot, they ended up doing back-up vocals for my friends' band Guns Religion And Money (they were the ones who set up the show).

Unfortunately, we were promised a 55 year old "Betty Page" type stripper; and that failed to materialize.

Highlites included our lead singer falling down and doing a faceplant on the steps leading to the stage, the lead guitar getting kicked in the head, and yours truly tripping over his cord several times.

The setlist:
nervous breakdown (black flag)
surfin bird (ramones)
in and out of grace (mudhoney)
too much junkie business (johnny thunders)
celebrity skin (hole)
the jeffersons theme song - movin on up (dedicated to obama) >
interstellar overdrive (pink floyd) >
highway to hell (the short dudes from australia) >
the ballad of kurt cobain (stormtroopers of death)

Rock n Fucking Roll.
Redd Kross - Star Lust
The Soft Boys - Rock n Roll Toilet (Demo)
Nick Lowe - They Called It Rock
Superdrag - Sucked Out
Mott The Hoople - All The Way From Memphis
Rolling Stones - Star Star (live 1978)
The Hookers - Rock n Roll Motherfucker


LydiaBrunch said...

Hah - our travel team was using the Jeffersons theme too! But then another team from the Bay Area had the same bright idea, so I'm not sure if we're gonna use it anymore... though it should rightfully belong to an NYC team... grumble grumble.

Glad it went well!

manicgirl said...

I love how you guys were concentrating so hard on your playing that you missed King Jaffee tripping and falling on himself until you saw him seemingly in rock star pose.

You are right. Your enjoyment was infectious.