April 27, 2009

Not With A Bang, But With A Whimper

This is how it ends.

The "Swine Flu".

Shit, there isn't any swine flu. Someone opened up one of the "seven vials".

This is how the Government is going to solve the recession. Knock off 1/3 of the World's population.

You're going to start seeing military personnel in bio-hazard suits pretty soon. The local police will be on "crowd control". The media won't be reporting very much of it, just glancing asides as something more mind-numbing (no doubt a celebrity scandal) fills the airwaves. Until of course, the Gov't takes over the radio and TV stations.

Another couple of weeks, the net will be full of hazy images of bodies burning in fields. Corpses being loaded onto flatbeds with pitchforks. Countries will start closing down there borders. But it will be too late.

Then the religious hysteria will start. The "end of days" extremists. Group suicides. Cities will burn.

Or, maybe I'm still just a little "enhanced" from the Dead show the other nite.

In that case... never mind!

Pink Floyd - Pigs Three Different Ones (Grassland bootleg 1977)
Backyard Babies - Pigs For Swine
Metallica - Creeping Death (Live Woodstock 1999)
Charlie Patton - Oh Death

1 comment:

Piley said...

Funny enough, there was a guy on local radio last night here in England saying exactly this!!

Another guy phoned in to say that in his opinion the whole thing was a hoax, and will be used as an excuse to 'inject' everyone with the so-called vaccines, and that really the content of Tamiflu and Relenza are brain dulling chemicals to keep the masses at bay!

He even said that how come when you go to the doctors with flu normally they always say "you cant take anything for it" yet when it threatens a nation there are two ready made vaccines that will definitly work!!

He was cranky, but made me think!