April 14, 2009

Sick Of Being Sick

My hopes of escape were dashed by logistical problems. How to displace the Nomad clan, sell the present oasis & find another one (hundreds of miles to the snowy north); swapping suburban for quasi-rural; uprooting the Princess and Jr (teen and tween respectively) and throwing them into a maelstrom of newkiditis. Plus the uncertainty that any new venture presents...though weighed against current reality, not quite the leap of faith it once was.

But things work out for a reason, as we console ourselves with that rubbish.

And I seem to be bearing the death of the dream better than the Mrs...whom I might add, was rabidly against said expansion until the bubble burst.

Nonetheless, it is with renewed vitality that I attack my current reality. Don't you know? A cornered animal is the most dangerous.

Feeling less dangerous due to a nasty virus that has kicked my ass since (not so) Good Friday. On a bitches brew of anti-biotics, pain-killers, inhalers and over the counter potions; which, when added to my usual melting pot of "steady-as-she-goes-sirs", has rendered my bloodstream as if I was the corporate asshole version of Keef Richards, though my voice has been reduced to a dull croak, most reminiscent of Bob Dylan singing through a colostomy bag.
With the escape hatch sealed, and the water rising, what can a poor boy do?

Count our farking blessings and quit the bitching, for starters!



Ace K. Tankskank said...

Hey, I linked to your blog via my link list. It would be cool if you linked back!


matt said...

"Bob Dylan singing through a colostomy bag"
I'm simultaniously repulsed and impressed!
Sorry about the no-go on your movements, but things'll work out how they should.

manicgirl said...

I'm glad you're not leaving. Who would I turn to for ball busting?

gomonkeygo said...

I suggest you quiet your rural fetishizing (?) by revisiting the beautiful hills of Beverly and the quaint but enchanting hillbilly family which lives there, dispensing wit and wisdom along with possum belly and grits.

That's what I'm doing. On disc 3 of the first season and I'm a happier person because of it.