January 4, 2010

Do They Owe Us A Living

Received a letter from our State Labor Department mandating I go to "unemployment counseling". Failure to adhere would mean they could screw with my benefits. So, today I went. We were herded into an office and advised on various methods of assistance, including career consultation, training in email, resume advice; etc.
All useful for the unwashed masses. However, as a former upper tier exec, I found it all depressing and humbling. That might be arrogant, but looking around at my fellow jobless, I could understand why most of them were unemployed. People had problems filling out simple forms. Sad.

On the bright side, I have used my addictive personality to continue hitting the gym almost every day. Where were YOU at 8 am on New Years' Day? I was running the treadmill. Of course, as I get older, it takes more effort to get the pounds to melt away and grow muscle. That sucks. But, better to beat the shit out of my body than beat the shit out of my liver. Or something. I've lost a couple of pants sizes already and put some size on my biceps. I guess i can always do some nude modeling if things get really bad.

Pylon - Working Is No Problem
Nick Lowe - Cruel To Be Kind
The Cramps - Love Me
Curtis Mayfield - Hard Times


Your driver said...

"People had problems filling out simple forms. Sad."
That's been my experience with most people. I finished high school at a suburban New Jersey public school and was kicked out of one of the midwest's finest cow colleges and I seem to be better at simple tasks than almost anyone I meet. Where exactly are my peers? I find it hard to believe that I am uniquely gifted but sometimes, when looking for work I have found it advisable to conceal the fact that I'm not stupid. It's easy to embarrass the guy who's interviewing you and you don't want that.

8AM New Year's Day? I was asleep.

Your driver said...

PS, I almost missed the title. Do they owe us a living?
Of course they do!
Of course they do!

Highlander said...

If you have an education system that is only geared towards turning out more drone wage-slaves for capitalism, and ours is heading the same way, then "People had problems filling out simple forms. Sad." is the future. Fuck Nazz, we don't people to think for themselves these days - you know that.

aikin said...

you're not arrogant sounding at all in your statements. I had the misfortune several years ago to have to visit an unemployment office and I agree: It's no wonder most of those people don't have jobs.

I am constantly amazed at the number of people I encounter every day who seem like they have trouble remembering to breath. I really wonder how they get out of bed in the morning and make it through the day without maiming themselves.

Pig State Recon said...

Returning to the porno industry in one's 40s ain't a bad idea at all - Ginger Lynn did it, to great effect!

Nazz Nomad said...

methinks the porn industry is in worse shape than most others.

jonder said...

Good luck finding something in the near future that is commensurate with your abilities (and your prior salary). Something that will only require you to drop trou metaphorically, rather than literally!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Last time I was forced into employment counselling by a government letter the message we all received was, "You ought to take a look at becoming a personal care aide. That's the future." I sang along to the Clash's Career Opportunities. Nowadays I am sure a career in Afghanistan would also be encouraged.