January 30, 2010

The Story Begins On A Rock...

It has not been a good week. When I was younger, I used to listen to Quadrophenia and figured that at least Pete Townshend understood me. Youthful fantasy, but the album got me through some rough patches. It also almost ended my life a couple of times, when I took the concept a bit too literally.

I've seen The Who alot of times over the years. It has NOT been the same since John Entwhistle sailed down the River Styx. I got to see him play a show shortly before he died. It was the same night as the 9-11 benefit at Madison Square Garden. The Who rocked the shit of the Garden and then John played at a small club. He was wasted and the show sucked. I wasn't surprised he soon died from drug complications.

Trying desperately to keep my chin up. But those rabbit punches come out of nowhere.

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