February 1, 2010

Want to participate in an experiment?

When reconnecting with people from my earlier lives, they are often shocked (sometimes even visibly disappointed) that I am not pursuing writing as a career. It seemed my career track back in HS and especially College, but I never wanted to starve for my art. Too lazy I guess.
I can't count the cyber-wordsmithing I do here as real writing, or can I? It's certainly as lucrative as I feared writing would be! But it's really more like I'm a musician that never went beyond playing the local bar for a couple of beers.

However, with all this spare time I have, being a burden on the Gov't; the creative juices are trickling a bit. I have been starting on a memoir taking place in the halcyon daze of early 1980 and beyond, when punk, metal, new wave, disco and hardcore all sorta swirled in the same cesspool and how someone pretty similar to me got through those days. It'll involve what any of us of that gen were involved with; drugs, jail, car accidents, fight, girls, misunderstandings and self destruction. Lots of self destruction. It's coming from the voice of an 18 year old at the turn of the decade... creeping toward 1984.

Well, I was wondering whether anyone who reads my stuff here would like to check out the first 6 pages or so.
A critique would be appreciated... not looking for copyediting, more interested whether you find the story compelling or interesting, if you would (based on the first 6 pages) continue to read a complete book when it's written, or if it's a complete piece of shit.
I would suspect it is similar in tone to what I write on my blog, but, who knows.

Anyway, if you would be interested in helping out with this experiment let me know in the next week or so at nazznomad@hotmail.com


Uncle E said...

Having lived a similar lifestyle, it will be a pleasure to write. I'll even critique, for what's that worth.

ib said...

Oh, I'm up for a free read too; if you don't mind sharing your prose with a similarly stultified id trading water.

I peaked in here earlier but refrained from being the first to comment.

Your choice of illustration may have struck a chord. I had the Fab 4 all lined up, and I was looking to follow through from "Paper Sun"...

I'm unsure whether this was mere coincidence or what.

Nazz Nomad said...

guys- glad to send it along- please email me yer e-mail addy's :-)

manicgirl said...

oh, me too! i think it's a great idea for you and testing the waters in this blog has just proven that you have the skillz necessary to finish the task.

you have my email. send it along.