February 22, 2010

Destroy Babylon !!!!!!!

Through the generosity of an old buddy, I will be attending the Grateful Dead's latest incarnation (Furthur) this Wednesday at good old Radio City Music Hall. I have been so far out of the loop lately that I was not even aware of this show.

So, I gotta break out the combat boots, torn jeans and Black Flag T shirt. In other words, my usual clothes. I haven't worn tie dye to a Dead show since the early 80's. The only time's I wear my tie dye is to hardcore shows.


Because I'm a contrarian.

And besides, Black Flag were freakin' Deadheads anyway.

The missus is encouraging me to get out of the house and go to the show. Says it'll be good for me to have some effed up fun. What a gal.
Of course, my patience for "happy people" will be extremely limited; and these types of shows tend to bring in STUPID FUCKING HIPPIES.

Long time readers of this here blog are aware of my openness towards intoxicants and Dead toonage. However, I have never been a fan of the Utopian bullshit of Deadheads, whether it's temporarily supplied by a hit of acid or by their trust funds.

Still, a night out is a night out. And I can certainly use one!

Bad Brains - Destroy Babylon (live San Francisco1983)
The Birthday Party - Loose (Stooges cover)
Rancid - Roots Radicals (acoustics)
Willie Nelson - Whiskey River


infinite fool said...

I've always felt that the "Utopian bullshit of Deadheads" is pretty much the same as the Dytopian bullshit of Punks. It's all bullshit, all a pose, all a way of pretending to be different from everybody else.

At least both are harmless, unlike the "Patriotic" bullshit of many country fans.

Anyway, have fun at Furthur. Let us know how the music is without Kreutzmann and Hart. I'm too broke to go myself, so I'm looking forward to living vicariously through you....

Nazz Nomad said...

That was a pretty sad show. Radio City is beautiful of course. the light and visuals were great on stage.
The band... not so much. They got this guy from a Dead cover band to play Garcia's role. He replicates Garcia... which is a problem. It's one thing for Warren Haynes or Joan Osborne or Jimmy Herring etc to take the Jerry role (whether as guitarist, vocalist or both) and do the old songs in their own way and their style, it's another thing for a guy who tries to sound exactly like Garcia in tone and voice. I thought it was very unoriginal and disrespectful... yeah, I know that's what Weir and Lesh wanted, but it came off like a cover band.

No jamming, just pretty much rote run throughs.

Two percusssion players added nothing either, nor did the 2 female back up singers.

I think I'm finished with these guys. I felt bad that my friend "miracled" me with a free ticket and it was so much money- i think the tickets were like $80 with all the Ticketmaster fees. What a rip off.

Heff said...


b said...

urgh i lived across the street from MSG last summer when the Grateful Dead came through. Along with every 14 year old or 60 year old hippie.

it was horrible.

no, i will not give you a dollar because your drum circle is blocking the sidewalk. that's what your lawyer parents are for.

and it was hot so everything smelled worse.

it was the one day the evil psychic downstairs actually got any business.

have a good time! don't let the hippies get you down!-- oh wait, just read the comments. sorry it didn't quite work out, but like you said, a night out is a night out!