January 24, 2011

Tater Totz - Mono/Stereo

Today's selection goes out to Jeffen at Music Ruined My Life. They posted up some awesome REDD KROSS  stuff lately and here's something unhinged and Redd Kross related. It's the Tater Totz - which is the McDonald brothers from Redd Kross plus the Runaway's Cherie Currie and White Flag's Pat Fear. I assume it's Cherie doing the wicked Yoko Ono impersonations on this album, but I'm not sure.

On this album (Mono/Stereo) - they embark on some seriously acid crazed deranged versions of Beatles and solo Beatle work. And by solo, it's stuff like "The Luck Of The Irish" and "Two Virgins".

plus, as an added bonus, you get 2 Os Mutantes songs.

So... download, do some bongloads, and enjoy!

Tater Totz - Mono/Stereo


W said...

Hi Nazz,
Just an update for your blogroll. Never Get Out Of The Boat REDUX is over here these days.


Thanks for all your kind support.

Bruno said...

Hey dude how is it going?? Can you please upload this again in some other server?? i've been trying to find Tater Totz stuff for so long with no luck...also do you have any of their other albums you could upload?? Cheers from Brazil

Nazz Nomad said...

Hi - My hardrive crashed a while back and I lost my Tater Totz stuff-

bruno said...

oh that sucks...well thanks anyway man