June 1, 2011

Stiff Little Fingers

Going to see Stiff Little Fingers in some shithole Polish disco in Hipsterville Brooklyn that my band has actually played. It's sad that they have to take the same stage that we disgraced.

Stiff Little Fingers were the shit to me. Growing up... seeing them during the Nobody's Heroes Tour in NYC in '81 or so. Their songs were part of the beat that kept my heart pumping.

 A Pale (but tanned) Copy

When I finally got my own band, the first song I sang myself was "Wasted Life". If they play "Johnny Was", I might break down. I'm attending with my buddy Dave (reference the song "Thick As Thieves" from The Jam for a full decryption of THAT relationship.)
He's actually my last living usher from my wedding. The four of us: Me, Dave, Kim, Vin... and now only Dave and I left. A bike accident and an aneurysm... and then there were two,,, probably the two that the smart money would have been on croaking first.

The Real Thing 

report on show- they fucking rocked it- they played everything much faster and harder versions than on any of their live output- maybe because original bass player ali mcmordie is in the band again?
and the couple of hundred fuckers who were there knew every fucking word of every fucking song. which was extremely heartening to have a 90 minute singalong.
they concentrated mostly on the "Nobody's Heroes" album. a definite greatest hits show- the newest thing they did was the joe strummer tribute "strummerville". although i gotta admit that jake burns is looking a bit william shatner-ish these days. but who isn't?
(from a show earlier in tour)- Suspect Device

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Nothing wrong with their other records but that first one was all fire and gasoline.