June 14, 2011


Old Nazz caught this movie on the telly the other note called "SUCK". If you like movies that feature cameo's by such diverse rockers as Henry Rollins, Alice Cooper, Moby, Iggy Pop and Alex fucking Lifeson; then this flick's for you.

The plot of Suck is about a shitty Canadian band that has to decide whether turning Vampire is a good career path to rock n roll stardom. Their are overt references to the old "Crossroads" Robert Johnson tale, with Alice Cooper as Satan (or a reasonable facsimile). The other cameo's are a little more out of character. And watch for Malcolm McDowell as "Eddie Van Helsing".

Hey, Suck ain't gonna win any Academy Awards, but I'd rather see the hot chick in the film "vamp out" than watch Meryl Streep suck face with Dustin Hoffman (or something) any old time.

As an added bonus, watch for all of the rock n roll references - both audio and visual.

Suck has been making the rounds on cable, and it's highly recommended.


justin said...

Will have to keep an eye out for that one. "watch Meryl Streep suck face with Dustin Hoffman", sounds about as gorey and obscene as a snuf flick.

AC'63 said...

this is such a bad movie, it so bad its good.
shot here in sweet home ontario if I remember right.