August 21, 2011

Suburban Fun

We got these trees that are growing wild and drop huge caches of leaves into our pool. Which sucks. It also kills the sunlite in our backyard. Which also sucks.

Soooo, I got the rickety wood ladder out and my sawzall and decided to take down some of the bigger branches. This was going along pretty well, I was lightly buzzed and made sure everything was plugged in correctly.

I couldn't quite reach the highest branch I was targetting so I climbed on the top ring of the ladder- the rung that says- "do not stand on this". Even better, I was still holding the sawz-all. So... of course I slipped and fell down. As I was falling I threw the sawzall as far from me as possible and it landed a few feet away from me as I flopped off the ladder and landed asses up.

I sat there on the ground, a bit bruised, thinking about how no one would ever believe that I woulda cashed in doing tree work.

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