August 26, 2011

The Surfin' Dead

If you want to hang with Nazz this weekend, I'll be on Rock Rock Rockaway Beach surfing the rightous hurricane waves.

I realize that every Mayor in the North East is shitting bricks about the possibility of Katrina redux; but did our illustrious en why cee Mayor Bloomberg REALLY have to shut down all mass transit and order forced evacuations? If this storm is anything less than Armageddon, I think not. What a bunch of fucking pussies we've all become.

And why is that old guy across the street collecting 2 of every animal?


Jon said...

My friend, Joe, grew up in Washington Heights. His family vacationed at Rockaway Beach. He once made a looped tape that played Rockaway Beach over and over and over until it drove people crazy. It was subtly more obnoxious than my party tapes based on the soundtrack to Apocalypse Now. Stay dry.

infinite fool said...

1/5 of the people in my county are still without power. Hundreds of homes were destroyed by flooding. Some communities are still almost unreachable. Dozens of small, locally owned businesses will never be able to recover their losses (flooding is rarely covered by insurance). Many local farms lost all their crops - their livelihood.

And you're worried because you couldn't take the bus for a few hours? "Fucking pussies" indeed.