October 20, 2011

Comic Con 2011 (NY)

Nazz Junior and I attended the New York Comic Con and had a blast. It was packed to the gills with freaks and geeks and cosplayers. I'd say about 20% of the attendees were dressed up as anything from CM Punk (wresting icon worship at Comic Con?) to lots of Asian teens in various anime to the tried and true super heroes (heavy on Cap America and various X-Men). One guy was decked out as Professor Xavier - complete with wheelchair. I wasn't going to be the douche that asked Prof X if the wheelchair was for sizzle or part of his daily steak.


A blue chick and a frozen in carbonite space cowboy

The only goal for me was to get some contacts that would buy my old comic collection. Times are tough, and if I can get some dough for my old 1960's-70's Marvels, all the better.

The big downer was that many of the sessions were closed due to overcrowding at least an hour before the scheduled start.  We missed all the cool zombie stuff. The Walking Dead preview, a premier of some movie called Zombie Apocalypse (with Ving Rhames) and The Avengers preview were all out of reach for us.

Mr. T and Hulk Hogan. Not.

 However, we got totally stoked with The Marvel TV and Marvel Games previews. And Nazz Junior grokked on the Halo panel. They had the developers of the game talking about the new version (which basically is a higher tech reboot of the original game. And there was a woman on the panel!!!! Which got most of the fanboys very excited. The q & a for the Halo panel consisted mainly of guys asking the woman on the panel if she would be their prom date! OK- that didn't really happen.

Missus Nomad's favorite picture. A Yip from Sesame Street

Another amazing event was the Dragonball Z panel- which capped the evening. The panel consisted of three guys that did the voices of the cartoon, and they were greeted by several hundred devotees as if they had cured cancer. Even the panelists were shocked by the adulation. Then one of the old Dragon Ball Z cartoons (they've all been restored for hi-def) was shown and it was like watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show, witht he audience participating. My son looked at me and said "You have know idea what's going on, do you?". And I didn't.

And then of course, there was this. Archie meets Kiss. WTF? Is nothing sacred?

For me, the best part was spending the day with my kid. I hope he looks back on it in a couple of decades and smiles.


Uncle E said...

I was fortunate enough to go to the San Diego Con a few years back with my brother, and like your experience it was a blast!
If you have a bunch of 60's and 70's comic books, though, now's not the time to sell, Nazz my man, the market has taken a big ol dump. Unless you have X-Men #94, Hulk 181 or Amazing Fantasy #15, which are still doing quite well, I'd suggest holding on to 'em. Save them for your son's education. The market'll come back, but not anytime soon.

Heff said...

To Gene $immon$, only the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR is sacred, lol.

Cool post.

A party and A HALF said...

Ahhhh I have always wanted to go to a comic con. They have one in Honolulu, but it's mostly anime

garychching said...

Hey Nazz

I'm with Uncle E. I also have a large comic collection of 60s and 70s comics which I planned to sell. I got a couple of estimates and they all said the same, you would be better of ebaying the rare ones, I'm just going to offer 10p a comic. Although I have 1,000s I couldn't let them go for such a low price. All the values have dropped massively so now is not a great time.

Nazz Nomad said...

I dig- gonna have a comic buyer come back and make an offer- i can always say "no"