October 8, 2011

Do You Remember When You Were Young And Wanted To Set The World On Fire?

Walked past the Wall Street demonstrations again. Sound and fury symbolizing everything and accomplishing nothing. How about we all stop buying shit for a week from some companies? It's called boycotting. That's the only way the fuckers will ever notice... if it hits em in their bottom line.

We pay tribute to Steven Jobs by queuing en masse for the latest gadget. How about we pay tribute to "think different" by NOT buying shit for the week.

I've been listening to Against Me lately. Third or fourth or ninety seventh generation punks that wear their hearts on their sleeves. Anthemic ringing guitars and earnest lyrics.

I think Saint Joe (Strummer) would approve.

Highly recommended!


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Nazz Nomad said...

um... thanks? I'm glad you have observed my blog too!