October 4, 2011

Marriage Is swell, and for the most part better than Wilco

"What kind of face is that?"; Missus Nomad said to me yesterday over dinner. "Umm, my normal face?" I answered. Then in the middle of the night, she woke up and looked at me and screamed.

Hey honey, get used to this mug, you've had 20 plus years to accept it and I ain't going nowhere.

Wilco has a new album out and I am as ambivalent to them as always. I gave the lp a couple of spins on Spotify and immediately forgot every song. I do like that Jeff Tweedy and his band have been able to fashion a semi lucrative career and also become darlin's of the NPR crowd. They seem to be one of those bands that I'm supposed to like, but they just bore the shit out of me. My big Wilco experience seeing em live was drinking myself into oblivion and staggering out of their show a few years back. Blind drunken stumbling seemed like a better choice than standing and watching em.

I wouldn't put them in the same slot as a band like Pavement. I really hate Pavement. In fact, if one of the guys from Pavement came up to clean my windshield, I'd put my car into drive and run em over.

Jeff Tweedy on the other hand, I'd ask him to jump in on the passenger side and we'd go for a beer. He seems like a really cool guy. As long as don't have to listen to his band.

Maybe there's something wrong with me (and not just my face).

Wilco has "curated" a "YouTube channel" with some of their favorite other bands and I prefer 90% of the stuff on it over Wilco's own stuff.

Here's my favorite Wilco song. It's Closer To Fine, by The Indigo Girls and has nothing to do with Wilco. I'm pretty sure Amy Ray would kick Jeff Tweedy's ass.

Actually- I like this Wilco song alot. Probably because my friend John used to play it on his acoustic guitar and I always thought it was his song. And it's about being a fuck-up. And I bet the character in the song got asked alot about his face too.


infinite fool said...

Sorry to hear about your face. You could always cover it with hair. Any woman who doesn't like beards is a closet lesbian. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The new Wilco is indeed pretty forgettable.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

1. Good call on the Yankees.

2. Back when I listened to more music, that WDVX-FM does not play, on my computer, I listened to some Wilco because so many people were making a fuss. Never bothered again.

3. Punk may not be dead but I am expecting the genre to start producing Christmas tv specials any time now.

Blue Eyed Mearl said...

Holy shit, you mean I'm not the only person on earth that thinks pavement blows?! You are beautiful to me dude.

Slidewell said...

I too was always pretty ambivalent regarding Wilco, then I made the mistake of watching their documentary,"I Am Trying to Break Your Heart". Wow, those guys are seriously pretentious. Viewing that got me completely pissed at them for a while, then they made "Sky Blue Sky"' which seemed to be a mostly solid bunch of songs and not so much experimental twaddle. then they reverted back to records that reek of too much bong smoke, masquerading as "deep". I'm all for exploratory music, but you need to tell the difference between "that was fun while we played it" and "this is an interesting idea that could use some hard work to develop into something worthy of release to the market." So I suppose what really annoys me is that they seem to have bought their own hype. Sorry, Wilco, you guys are a pretty good indie rock band, and not everybody is buying your ground-breaking arteest shtick.

BAMstutz said...

It's easy to trash bands, but harder to say something interesting. Like why Wilco music is boring to you?

I'm sure your wife could l list the reasons why she thinks your boring.

And another thing Nazz, who do you like? What current band is not boring to you? Perhaps you're just getting old and long for the days of Punk Rock and roses. . .

Nazz Nomad said...

I think aside from not being emotionally, rhythmically or intellectually moved by Wilco, their heinous anti-semitism offends me most.

My wife has written ode's to my non-boringness. I think she would prefer me to be more boring.

As far as recent music- I'm a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson. Though her new lp is too commercial.