April 23, 2012

Academic Bound

A big weekend event at the Nomads, Princess Nomad committed and was admitted to University and her future is getting paved.Deposits down, and we're financially committed. Luckily, the kid is smart and has excelled in school (if not in her domestic chores)- she’s drug free, never drunk, and is in the top echelon of academics, which has resulted in major scholarships . She's a really good kid... except for her mouth of course. But she has a job, and doesnt start most trouble.
While, her first choice still proved to be out of reach (due to finances- not academics- so it's my fault- which is something we're all going to have to live with--- that I could not provide the bucks we needed for her hopes and dreams), the combo of scholarships and grants has reduced her yearly nut for me from the original 30 grand a year, down to about 4 grand out of pocket- that balance of 26 being covered by the aforementioned academics. Its turning out that she is able to go to a relatively highly rated Private University for less money that a shittier public U. She will eschew the dorming on campus and stay with the Nomads at our Oasis. That will save $14,000 right there per year It was crazy walking the campus, grilling the advisor and professors to make sure we got all the info we wanted- ignoring the stupid queries coming from some other parents.
It was weird, with the financial aid report coming up well, and impressive meeting with the academicians- the deal was done and before I knew it- I had signed over the next 4 years (lord willing) of my daughter’ s academic and social life. It was cool running into another kid who we have known since they were in kindergarten together and thru the Brownies, etc. And here they are all grown up. Next stop was of course to the STudent Bookstore where I got sticker shock at textbook prices of $150(I had spent most of my college career with “borrowed” books. Princess Nomads’ biggest decision was whether to buy the black or the grey sweatshirts- obvious answer- she bought both ! But hey, she’s happy, it’s a good school that has the business and marinating track she likes- and it’s affordable. We gotta com e up with a couple of grand in august and a couple more in February- The other $26, grand is scholarships. We can go a couple of $2000 payments a year- that is about our best case scenario what was happened. We don't have to borrow money- and that's a huge relief too, since there's more than enough red bills coming to me every month. already.

And… she’s bringing 22 college credits from advance placement classes she’s taken in high school. So, that is going take  a semester off- so we’re saving a half year for her (and she wants to crank out a law degree and those Law schools are big time expensive. And the college is 5 miles from our house so it; itll take the rent and food headaches away.

Good Job Princess Nomad!

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Good news. Sounds like the young lady is a smart one - but I bet she does not know diddly about the big country (not Russia!) immediately north of you.