April 17, 2012

The Bad Brains Smoked All Of Our Weed

"Wanna go see the Bad Brains?" "Well sure, except that the show is sold out and face value of the tickets is over $40"! But I know someone with an extra for $60.

Fuck me with a chainsaw!

$40 to see Bad Brains. I think if you added all the money I spent on Bad Brains tickets in my youth it wouldn't come to $40!

But, good for H.R. and company- whatever blood they can squeeze from the stone is OK by me.

Man, the Bad Brains were fucking awesome. I never went in much for their Reggae, but you're lookin' at a band that were THE FASTEST, HARDEST AND BAD ASS motherfuckers from the golden age of Punk Rawk. They were actually the band playing at CBGB's when the seats were torn out.

The young and more energetic Nazz was at this legendary show!

I remember being in school and writing a big old article about the Brains "Rock For Light" lp ... about how they were Black, from DC and Punk rockers. Man- if that's not gonna give you a serious hard-on for authority- nothing will.

So... onto a story.

It wuz about Nineteen Eigthy something and Steve and I were gonna catch the Bad brains at some club in Manhattan. It turns out the place is now a pizza place (which makes me laugh whenever I see it).

Anyway, there's frick and frack (aka Steve and I) chatting up H.R. and Dr. Know (or it might have been Daryl- who the fuck remembers), and we ask them if they wanna get high. The set-up of the place was an upstairs bar and then a basement with a stage. So, they of course agree and proceed to smoke Steve's entire stash in a huge spliff (they rolled). There must have been close to a quarter ounce in that bone (more like a dinosaur femur).

This took a few minutes of course and we got to talking- they were nice guys (well- why wouldn't they be- they were smokin' OUR weed!) but we talked alot about the DC scene (way too violent) and Amerikkka in general (Reagan bad/weeed good). H.R. was pretty interesting- this was before we went off the rails.

Anyway, we finish up and they say their goodbyes and go play 90 minutes or so of completely unhinged hardcore and reggae. Steve and I can barely stand up and these fuckers are making their instruments melt.

Here's the the Bad Brains- long may they shred!!!!!!!!

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justin said...

The only time I saw the Bad Brains was about '93 opening up for the Beasti Boys at the San Diego Sports Arena (BIG place...PACKED...for way less than $40). Both bands shredded...I love it when the Bestie Boys play their instruments and do hardcore. I had moved from Humboldt County the previous year and still had good weed connections (back before 9/11 you could mail that shit or carry it on the plane without any problems), so brought a 1/4 ounce or so and got the whole section I was sitting in VERY high (when people are used to smoking Mexican dirt weed, they get extremely lit up when the smoke the sticky Humboldt green (hairy red, crystalized shit). One of the top ten shows (that I can remember).