April 27, 2012

Century Club

So, check this stuff out: Century Club - new  album "Falling Stars".
Greg Hoy/Guitar, Voice. Rich Bennett/Bass. Dave Richman/Drums
Pure pop for now people kinda in a Cheap Trick sorta way. Noted douchebag Steve Albini has deemed Century Club Grade A enuff to actually have produced the ep.
Remember when Albini re-recorded CT's "In Color" elpee?  Yeah, well take that whole ringing guitar thang, with some decent bass lines and some kick ass on time drumming, and it all adds up to these five trax.
"Fallin' Stars" is 1978 (it's only missin' the Budokan chicks screaming). Hey- those hot little Japanese gals screamin' on "I Want You To Want Me" are probably grandmothers by now. And wtf does "Green Was The Color Of Her Love" mean? Money? Decay? Usually my taste in romantic partners runs towards cold and blue, since dead girls don't say "no". But your mileage may vary.
5 songs, 16 minutes. No filler, all killer. Check it out here

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