June 20, 2012


Nazz Ramone on the beach in California. 
Leather MC jacket (sleeveless) for the summer? Check. 
High top sneakers? Check.

It's a huge week at the Nomad house.

Nazz jr graduates middle school and Princess Nomad is graduating High School.

A prouder father there never was- especially as Princess Nomad is getting almost a completely free ride to college- (she sure doesn't take after her parents academically!) We even attended the "Senior Awards" event, where she received many accolades and even some scholarship $$$ from her High School activities!
As a Ramone once said "High School has sure changed since we were kicked out of it"

And it's summer- so the time is right for fighting in the streets. Whoops- not out here in suburbia, where it's more about many beers and wasting away in the backyard. Working out of one's home does have it's perks!

Happy solstice ya mofo's!!!!!!


AC'63 said...

enjoy the summer .. congrats on the kids .. my daughter was excepted to a combined Fine Arts and Education program .. in 4 yrs she will be a Art Teacher.. no free ride here in Canada, but then again, it will only cost me 8k a year.

Have a great summer wasting away in the backyard.. may the beer flow cold.

Nazz Nomad said...

u too! Teaching is a wonderful pursuit- scary stuff- kids going to university- i am just grateful that my kids don't take after me!!!!!!!!