June 29, 2012

Call Me Shecky Nomad

I wrote the following  linked posting over 3 years ago and I am still getting hate mail for it. This last one "This is truly the worst site I have come across. pretty immature writing." I am thinking about putting on my resume.

Tonight, I have been asked  (and nervously agreed - actually I had to be berated into it since I am such a chickenshit) to be the host/emcee of NYC's Original Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke. Essentially, you get to indulge your inner rock god by singing with a kick ass band backing you up. Everything from The Misfits to Black Flag to Led Zep to Alice Cooper to Motorhead to The Ramones to AC/DC to Kelly Clarkson (yeah- KC was my request for them to learn).

As I usually am full of "liquid courage" as a participant, my modus operandi will have to change tonite as I will be responsible for the flow of the evening, encouraging the fledgling Robert Plant/Axl Rose/Joey Ramone/Joan Jett's and telling bad borscht belt jokes.

To say that I am crapping my pants in fear would be an understatement.

C'mon down at 10 pm if you're in the Noo Yawk environs. (Fontana's 105 Eldridge St. NYC)


justin said...

How'd it go?

Nazz Nomad said...

Surprisingly well. I was very handsome in my Miley Cyrus tour shirt and no one threw tomatoes at me when I had to mug for some time when the guitar player had to take a piss break and I did an a capella version of the theme song from Hair.

Punk fucking rock!

Plus, there were hot chicks!

justin said...

hahaha...Hair huh? You're a brave man MC Nazz.