July 27, 2012

The A-Limp-Dicks

The jingo-istic international circle jerk begins today. I don't care. We're still fighting wars and killing countrymen of the very same athletes we are competing against.

Stop the fucking wars- both military and economic. The corporations sponsoring the Olympics are as guilty as the military and governments are: Remember Bhopal????

Here's a streaming feed of what used to be THE ONLY BAND THAT MATTERED. Cleveland 1979.

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justin said...

Short sweet and to the point...perfect. Must admit though that while channel surfing I did watch a few minutes of women's beach volleyball. And kinda going with the Clash and the post before the Jefferson's, made me think of this pre-teen, trials of puberty book I read called "That Was Then This Is Now"...Wikipedia sez that it was made into a movie staring Emilio Estevez (my favorite Sheen.