April 24, 2008

Apocalypse Soon

The other day was Earth Day and everyone had their 24 hour feel good moment. And now it's back to your regular programming. I especially like this rancid bag of pus, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who is AGAINST Flourescent light bulbs and FOR leaded gas! At this point, why don't the Republikkkans just show their cloven hooves and horns and get it over with.

Meanwhile, gas is over four bucks a gallon, the war is still on and worst of all, freakin beer prices are skyrocketing.

It's the end of days, kiddies... so grab a seat and embrace the apocalypse.

Jerry Garcia Band - Save Mother Earth (live 1-19-72)
Dramarama - What Are We Gonna Do
Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around (early take)
The Clash - Four Horsemen (Vanilla Tapes)
New Bomb Turks - Apocalyptic Dipstick


Mrow said...

Too true. Though I suspect we've been living in the apocalypse for YEARS already . . . only prices are just now catching up with it.

Hot tip: stockpile Fosters in cans, while ya got the chance. It'll be a goldmine in a couple years time.

Charlie Quimby said...

Bachmann is indeed wack, but my post about leaded gas was an April 1 parody.

Nazz Nomad said...

Your post migfht have been a parody...but it was picked up by the national news