April 22, 2008

Spring Fever

It's getting to the warm weather stage here in en why cee and that means the workin' wimmen of said town are discarding the overcoats and flashin' their finest. Springtime, when the thoughts of a young man turn to... well, they turn to whiplash. And walkin' into poles and hydrants as one gets distracted by all the boobage and leggage.
Yeah, it's sexist, but I don't care. If ya don't like it, go write a letter to this fine example of womanhood. She'll have plenty of spare time soon enuff.

Besides, happily married me can only look anyway. And don't put the wares in the display if ya don't want us to do a little window shoppin'!

So, today's post is dedicated to the fairer sex.




Thanks for the comment.
Haven't had much time to post anything as of late, springtime is upon us & it's planting time, gotta get my garden in early. Just been writing some fiction & posting up the tunes I'm listening to as I write.
I agree, Vampire Weakend, as all Vampires, bite.
Hope you're feeling better & don't let the ol' 9 - 5 thang get you down.
Also, we're only as old as our minds...that's why I'll never grow up.
Thrash on,

b said...

This was something I had to get used to when I came to the East Coast. First day it hits 55 degrees, half the girls around here go and sit on the lawn in their bikinis. It's not THAT warm.

But now that it's in the 70s. I'm very happy. Now I can wear all those spring dresses I bought online when I was in the throes of winter madness. Or whatever it is when it's 20 degrees here and you call home and they're complaining about how it was 80 all weekend.

manicgirl said...

What are we supposed to wear? Burkas?