April 11, 2008

The Hardest Job Is Finding One...

Personnel moves in Corporate Hades have been particularly draining as of late. I had to dispose of one person who reported to me for over a decade. It was well deserved, and I had no recourse, but nonetheless it was not a pleasurable experience.

As a result, I am now in the process of attempting to hire for two positions. As stressful as it is to be the interviewee, it is no big thrill having to do the interviewing either. You are sitting across from someone who's usually desperate for a job and who will say anything to get said job. So, I have to sell the person on how wonderful my company is, while attempting to engage my bullshit detector to make sure it's the right person.

Obviously, it's better to be on my side of the desk, but it's a real pain in the arse to go through the effort of speaking to a dozen or so people and take the chance on hiring one of em and hoping it works out.

Plus, I always feel guilty when I am looking at someone who has no chance in Hell of getting hired.
Time for another interview.


Rinjo Njori! said...

Firing people sucks, hiring people sucks even more. The last guy I had to fire told me point blank-- "I guess it's become quite apparent as of late that I am not the right guy for this job". Well then why didn't you quit-- now I have to hire someone who might turn out to be just like you

If at some point I meet my maker in terms of my career then I have vowed to play The Jam's "Smithers-Jones" for 24 hours straight. That in my opinion is the best "getting fired" song of all time.

gomonkeygo said...

Yeah, used to manage an office. Had to fire about 5-6 people over 3 years. I'd leave early, go home, get stinking drunk, go to bed, go back to work the next day. Didn't make me feel any better, though. Once had to fire the step-daughter of a woman who was one of the best employees in the office. The step-mom told me later it was the best thing I could have done for her. I hope so.

But I've been on the other end too. Lost jobs because of lost grants, etc. Got fired once because I was the world's shittiest telemarketer. Which I was. And glad to be gone, too. Though the real I found out later was because I didn't hang out with everybody else while they went outside on breaks to smoke. I sat and my desk and read. That was considered very odd and suspicious by my boss - a former teacher.

Buck up! - get drunk! - play loud music! Got no other advice!

Anonymous said...

No song bummed out Deadheads more than "Keep Your Day Job".

Anonymous said...

Holy freakin' crap, (Keep Your) Day Job is, without a doubt, the BEST Robert Hunter/Grateful Dead song EVER!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you tell people that if you hire them they'll have to take orders from a degenerate punk rocker? That person being you?!

oldpunks.com (one near you)

Nazz Nomad said...

The degenerate punk rocker part is in the job description!