April 7, 2008

Never Go Too Far, Without A Little Big Star

Perhaps best known for supplying the theme song ("In The Street") to TV's "That 70's Show" , Big Star was a tremendously influential band that bridged the Beatles pop sensibilities with a 1970's Power Pop feel.

If every era has their building blocks, than Big Star certainly qualify as a major inspiration to 80's bands such as The Bangles, REM and The Replacements. Led by Alex Chilton and Chris Bell, Big Star never achieved the success that they deerved (due largely to record label troubles) and were only a working band for about 4 years (1971-1974). However, their original three albums: Big Star, Radio City and Third are all classics and should be sought out.
Bell died in an auto accident in 1978 and Chilton has periodically brought the band out of retirement for one-off's.
I am offering up an entire disk's worth of Big Star demo's and outtakes for your listening pleasure.
Have at em!
Discography (Buy them!):


Matt said...

Thanks for this, for sure!
Since I've already got the Big Star official releases, it's nice to get a little something new to listen to.
Any post using Replacements lyrics for a headline is a good post, it's seeming to be.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Many thanks.

infinite fool said...

If they ever make a movie of my life. I want Big Star's music to be the soundtrack.

wire154 said...

nazz, this is Chris from isupplythecountrywithbutter. Is track #13 ("O My Soul") missing from this rip, or am I high?