May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Joey Ramone

Today (May 19) would have been Joey Ramone's 57th birthday. The Ramones are my favorite band. I am from the same town as them and my mom actually went to the same high school that Joey did. in fact, the Ramones are more family to me than a band. Actually they are more family to me than alot of my family is!
To say that the Ramones have been an influence on me would be an understatement. In fact, they saved my life. Once I heard the Ramones music, I stepped through a door that (I hope) changed my attitudes toward music, culture and lifestyle for the better.
The Ramones were "my" band. Growing up, I took alot of shit for liking Punk Rock (yeah, so did you I'm sure).
When Joey died, it was one of the three major musical "hits" I've taken. John Lennon's murder (horrible), Jerry Garcia's death (expected) and Joey (just plain sad).
Click on this, and you'll be directed to all of my RAMONES posts. There's alot of songs and live shows to choose from. Happy birthday Joey and Gabba Gabba hey!


Sugarmag said...

Hey Nazz Nomad,

Cool! I like the Ramones, too.

Mattiegard said...

Have The Rolling Stones Killed.

Mrow said...

You and Joey, from the same town! That's totally perfect. ONE OF US, indeed.

Anonymous said...

There was a Ramones doc on... celebrating his birthday... I loved the Ramones... did you know that M. Ramone, who was otherwise known as Marc Bell... played for the band Dust back in 1971 and 72... thats a little fun fact for ya!!... rock on brother!!!!

Anonymous said...

Miss these guys.All of em.Read Mikeys book,DeeDees,Lindas( Johnnys) Monte( LMAO GOOD ),DeeDees x wifes & a few more.They all say the same thing:These guys could have been nothing else but the Ramones.AND no one else could ever come close to these guys.They were the best at what they did cause you could not copy em.PERIOD!

Nazz Nomad said...

Joey will always be with us.