May 16, 2008

Milk, Milk, Lemonade

This one comes by way of a cyber-sation I had with Sugar Mag. It started out with my aversion to cheeses that are not of cow origin. I do not want ANYTHING to do with goat cheese (or milk) or sheep cheese. That stuff is just too funky for the Nomad clan. Feta cheese is pretty popular, but keep it away from me. And, although I am a former vegeterian, I never got off on that soy cheese stuff either. I want my MOO milk products. I still won't eat a cow, but I got no problem imbibing their lactate! And you know, Keef Richards doesn't eat cheese at all! And if that dude puts everything else in his body, and won't eat cheese, maybe he's on to something!

So, then it got to talking about Human milk. Is there anything wrong with adults drinking human milk (or making ice cream or cheese from it)? After all, it's really healthy and the preferred beverage of choice for infants. So, what's the taboo on grown ups taking a swig?
I look at it as sort of cannibalism. I never had to nerve to partake when I had the opportunity in the past. Which is sort of ironic, when you think about all of the other bodily fluids that are generally exchanged between folks. And yet, here you have something that's good for you and people stay away!



Rinjo Njori said...

At some point in your dult life giving up milk is not such a bad thing. It's great to here pre-Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana. That being said the new Mudhoney is pretty damn good.

Sugarmag said...

LOL...well, when your wife is lactating, there is something kinda sexy about it, or at least my own husband thought so. I mean come on, so many men are obsessed with breasts and (at least speaking for myself) when I was nursing a baby my breasts were huge, and during sex my breasts would leak like crazy, so...I'm just sayin' that women don't stop being sexy when we become mamas. Am I freaking you out?

Oh, I did not actually make ice cream, it was sort of a joke. It was just that with my first baby I thought I needed to pump (somehow I felt better having some in the freezer, even though I was not going back to work) and my baby never took a bottle and she was older, and so I was trying to figure out what to do with it. I also considered making cheese, which you never know might be really good. I ended up throwing it out. It just seemed like a waste.

What's with the Jerry and Mickey story? I want to know...

Zooomabooma said...

I'm not into popping vitamins or seeking lots of calcium alternatives so this adult doesn't foresee giving up milk... I need my calcium!

I don't see drinking breast milk as cannibalism; to me that's eating flesh.

Have a glass of breast milk? No, thanks. I'll pass. Try a spoonful of ice cream made with breast milk? Maybe. Probably. I don't see the harm in that at all. Think it tastes good and want a whole bowl of it? Probably not, a taste was good enough, thanks. Please pass the Ben & Jerry's.

To me it's not wrong... just weird.

Mister Awesome said...

Sugarmag said...

Hi Again, I did not look at the link until after I left my comment, I didn't realize that someone was actually trying to market ice cream made with human milk. That actually bothers me a lot and the reason why is that there are premature babies in the NICU who have a better chance of surviving if they have human milk and they don't always get it. So, using human milk as a commodity doesn't sit well with me.

I also wanted to point out that human milk can carry viruses and I wouldn't recommend drinking the milk of someone who you have not already shared bodily fluids with. A mother's own child will most likely already have been exposed in utero, and chances are also good that her husband has already been exposed to whatever she may be carrying. If I did actually make ice cream, it would have been for my kids.

The milk they use commercially is probably pasteurized. No that doesn't make it any less weird.

silent 3 said...

Actually. the picture of Alex should say...

"Got Milk-Plus?"

of course right.