May 21, 2008

Kermit To The Rescue

This makes me happy that someone with media access is taking on Bush.

And this story is absolutely horrifying.

The worst thing is, a year from now, we'll probably look at this as the good old days. We haven't hit rock bottom yet, fellow travelers.

The following might cheer you up, it made me smile.


Sugarmag said...

Poor Kermit! That was really gross when he threw up. Seriously though, parking lots for people to sleep in their cars...that's so sad. It don't know how anyone can afford to live in California.

Zooomabooma said...

Boy, what a long way from The Rainbow Connection. How the mighty have fallen.

But I'm confused... what exactly was he doing to Rolf? And how does a frog get cocaine?!?

Mrow said...

This special comment is just the most beautiful TV moment I've seen since Crispin Glover tried to karate-kick David Letterman in the head. Yes the U.S. economic rock-bottom is still to come; but politically, such televised moments mark a real tide change.

IMI said...

I find it almost scary that with Bush's ratings so low, the media is still reading press releases and little else like good little boys and girls.

Most major metro areas have huge tent cities around them now. That's been going on for some time. They just aren't organized or reported on. King county in Wa. state is one of the more visiable ones. A couple of years ago I googled and they were local reports from all over.

I was surprised this story was published by CNN. It's a blackout topic.