December 16, 2009

Attn: Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame - Eat Shite

So the Schlock and Troll Hole of Fame has announced their electee's. Big Farking Deal. I still hold that any Rock N Roll Hall of Fame that has Billy fucking Joel in it is automatically illegitimate.

So, who's this years' honorees?:

The Stooges: Score one for rawk. These miscreants should have been inducted the day they decided to invent this museum. Too bad Ron Ashton and Dave Alexander won't be there to enjoy it. Hope somebody brings a jar of peanut butter. And some Heroin.

ABBA - Well, if you have to one Swedish Pop band to get hot looking Nordics to visit the Hall and then toplessly bathe on Lake Erie... i suppose Abba is as good as choice as any.

Jimmy Cliff - And if you need a movie star who wasn't even a rastafari and he happens thru the movie to introduce Reggae to the masses... well that's OK by me too.

The Hollies - And the de rigeour British Invasion band (what's next Hermans' Hermits?)

The Sex Pistols "no thank you" letter

Who did I leave out? Kiss? No, shot down. Rush? Nope, shot down, The Damned? The Buzzcocks? The Replacements? The Jam? aaaaarrrggghh

Fucking Genesis got in. Fucking Genesis got in. Fuck you Rock n roll hall of fame.

Eat shit Jann Wenner.

Iggy And The Stooges give Madonna the treatment.


Uncle E said...

Righteous, man. Abso-fuckin-lutely!

Jason said...

Well put. And thanks for posting the Sex Pistols letter.

There seem to be two main ways to get inducted: dying or sucking. Or being good at a genre other than rock. *Three* ways, the three main ways of getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are dying, sucking, being good at a genre other than rock, or having an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope. The four ways...*amongst* the ways of getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...never mind, I'll come in again.

Anonymous said...

Rage Against The Machine Are UK Xmas Number One, yep, the pop clones lost the battle and a grassroots campaign has given uus the bext xmas number one of all time, i've opened some of the fizz i bought for xmas

Anonymous said...

Wow iggy should give it up that was friggin garbage.

Anonymous said...

Go down the list:
Link Wray
Alice Cooper
Dick Dale
Midnight Oil
All the acts you've mentioned.

Only chance for any kind of redemption is when Wenner is out of the picture, but he'll probably be replaced by some other RS slime. Those clowns and rock are like the Vatican and sex: both groups know something about their subjects, but it is so twisted you can't see the beauty.

Jon said...

Just stopped by to wish you an M. Xmas. I'm surprised that there's anyone decent in the Rock and Roll hall of Fame. What ever happened to the Devil's Music? If anyone needed proof that rock is dead the Hall is surely it.

Don said...

I agree that the Rock & Rioll Hall Of Fame is a sham. But if you are lobbying for KISS to get in, then you're a bigger ass than the judges.

Transvestites in clown costumes are not the recipe for rock. KISS is about lunchboxes and action figures, not music.

Nazz Nomad said...

y'know, the Beatles sold plenty of lunchboxes too.