December 9, 2009

I'm Not There

Thanks to all that have sent good vibes my way. It is much appreciated.

One byproduct of my new unemployment is the opportunity to "better" myself. I have been stone cold sober for 10 days and hitting the gym.

Another is that I am taking on-line free courses at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Amazing that they just give this stuff away.

So, I'll be fit, healthy and well educated on the dole!

I have been networking and have some prospects.. but HOPE IS THE MOST SEDUCTIVE DRUG OF ALL!

And it has been nice to spend extra bonus time with Mrs. Nomad... it's sort of like being in our retirement years, but we can still do things!

Yesterday, I saw the Bob Dylan psuedo-bio flick I'M NOT THERE. Wow. It was breathtaking. As confusing, convuluted, masked and intiguing as the man himself. It's loaded with classic Dylan tunes as several actors (Richard Gere, Kate Blanchett, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger) depict Dylan-esque characters at different times of his life. For example, Kate Blanchett handles the 1965 amphetamine laced Zimmy incredibly.

Highly recommended.


infinite fool said...

Glad unenjoyment is treating you ok. If all else fails join me in the ranks of Community College teachers. In times of economic trouble, we get more work than ever.

I saw I'm Not There in the theater. Loved it. Everyone else in the room (all 8 or 9 of them) complained loudly on the way out. Some people...

Piley said...

sounds like you at least have a positive attitude. That will help you in spades.

Hope everything gets sorted ASAP, in the meantime ENJOY the extra time together.


Andrew Weiss said...

Damnation. I fall behind in keeping up my blog reading and look what happens.

Sorry to hear you've been blindsided by the shit economy, Nazz. Here's hoping for a quick rebound.