December 12, 2009

Punk Rock & Trailer Parks

I just read and was completely overwhelmed by the graphic novel: Punk Rock And Trailer Parks. You might know the author/artist, Derf from his work on The City and other alt-comics. Additionally, he penned the classic: My Friend Dahmer (yeah- about growing up with Jeffrey Dahmer).

Punk Rock And Trailer Parks tells the story of a geek named Otto; A high school nerd in 1980, living outside of Akron, Ohio. Otto, gets tall, discovers Punk Rock and intersects with The Ramones, Joe Strummer, Wendy O Williams, Stiv Bators and others. There's tragedy, pathos, lunacy, pregnant holy-rollers, comedy and cartoon tits. What more do you need?
Derf intro's the tale as "it's not a true story... but it could be." And parts of it should resonate in all of you, especially if you're readin' this blog to begin with! As Derf wrote to me, regarding where "Otto" would be today: "Otto is out there somewhere, probably running an illegal music file-sharing site, living under an alias and dodging Music Industry lawyers...."

So go buy it! Support art. And punk rock!

Click here for a nice interview with Derf


Ramone666 said...

Thanks for the tip. Just ordered me a copy, love stuff like this.

Uncle E said...

Wasn't Otto the name of the lead punk in Repo Man?

Nazz Nomad said...

Known as "Otto Madd" and than as christened by the other Repo Men "Otto Parts".