August 9, 2010

He's (still) Gone

15 years ago today, Jerry Garcia became one of the actual dead. Whatever your opinion of the man and his band; it cannot be denied that Garcia had a major tranformative effect on music and culture.

R.I.P. Captain Trips, my life was enriched by your presence in it.


Heff said...

I thought he was still alive, lol !

Anonymous said...

Hey Nazz, long time...

Good to see a Punk-Rocker admit to liking the Dead. I was a Deadhead in H.S. before getting turned onto Punk/New Wave freshman yr. of college, but I never hated the Dead, always returned to their music, still do.

It's refreshing when bloggers can admit to liking stuff that might not be cool in the blogosphere, unlike so many tedious hipsters who calculate every statement based on it registering on some illusory scale of hipness. Why can't people dig, say, Iggy Pop and Marshall Tucker, or Jethro Tull -- another '70s band that is all over my iPod.

See you at The Specials on the 22nd?


Nazz Nomad said...

warden- the specials show was cancelled!!!!!!!!! visa problems, from what I heard. bummed!