August 15, 2010

More Haiku For The New World

Well, fellow babies, it's been a while since I have pleasured myself (and hopefully you) with some Haiku. Have at it.

Fox News
Hello Teabaggers
Politics Now, But in porn
Means balls on the chin

US Magazine
Stars, they're just like us
They eat! And throw out their trash!
Except they have jobs

A magic white pill
Ate one and went for a drive
Oops, I wrecked my car

Hash Pipe
My friend hates Weezer
I dared him to sing a song
I got to play bass

Trying To Eat Where Other's Crapped
Thought I was flirting
But it was my friend's ex-wife
Beer goggles were on


Heff said...

LOVED the Fox News one !

Jon said...

You're a great poet.

YankeeBoy said...

State of Mind

I sooo just don't care
If I had a flying fuck
I wouldn't give it.

J-Lo said...

You have a future in free verse. Ambien and Trying To Eat are my faves. Not that I have any idea what they're about..

gomonkeygo said...

Nice 'kus! I've never been able to write one. I get to the end of the second line and stop cold every time.