August 20, 2010

Life Is..

... Very Short And There's No Tiiiiiiiiimmmmmmme, For Fussing And Fighting My Friends.

I dunno, some old band sang that a while back. Hey now, thanks for all of the advice on how to deal with Mr. Asshole former boss. And the answer was... D- I ignored the lunch request and responded to his query about football (the 'merican version). I am sure he figured the implied message.

I could not have sat across from him without strangling him, so what would be the point in that? The highest road would have been to lunch and smile, but I am not that evolved I guess. So, discretion being the better part of valour, much smarter to just let it fly by and move on.

Hey, I haven't posted any music to download lately, so here's some... komplete with komments (try to figure out that reference!)

The Jam - Dead End Street (Kinks kover) - Paul Weller & company being the ultimate mod-ficianado's and covering multiple Beatles/Who toonage, here's a nice 'un.

The Damned - Plan 9, Channel 7 - From the Radio One sessions - That's not Unlce John, right? I get all that Brit radio shaowage mixed up. Hey - Pirate Radio wasn't a bad movie at all incidentally!

Debbie Harry & Chris Stein - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Ramones cover) - A sweet acoustic version recorded at the last show ever at CBGB's. I miss Joey. Alot.

The Dictators - I Just Wanna Have Something To Do (Ramones cover) - The Bronx boys do the Queens boys. And when in NYC, you MUST go to Manitoba's!

Some guys from Liverpool -We Can Work It Out (from Ultra Rare trax) - J,P, G & R on an alternate version.


Heff said...

Damn, dude. Never burn bridges of possible opportunity...or a good chance to strangle somebody !

Uncle E said...

Is it 'cause The Kinks influenced the Jam?
Good job on "D", which was the high road. Life's full of assholes, ain't it?